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Get rewarded for helping save the planet from the ravages of plastic pollution.

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Join Circularr today and get exclusive rewards whilst helping to save the planet from the devastating effects of plastic pollution.

The app is coming soon! Be the first to join us and receive exclusive rewards and updates.

Why are we doing this?

We are on a mission to put the trust back into recycling. Every piece of plastic you recycle through us gets tracked and traced from the moment you turn it in until it finds new life in a recycled product. And we reward you for doing it.

All you need to do is recycle at any machine or collection point in Circularr’s worldwide network and claim your rewards.

How does Circularr work?

You recycle

By using Circularr’s Reverse Vending Machines and designated collection points, you are helping to keep plastic out of the planet's oceans and landfills.

We track

Our blockchain-based tracking system provides full traceability and accountability, all the way through the recycling process.

You earn!

Receive your $CIRP tokens instantly in your Circularr account, and use them in our exclusive rewards app with a variety of retailers.

How does it work?

Each time you recycle a plastic bottle in the Reverse Vending Machine, your Circularr wallet is automatically topped up with $CIRP tokens.

You can use these tokens to claim rewards at a number of different retailers or exchange them for other currencies.

Partner with us

Is your business interested in being a Circularr partner and helping reduce the levels of plastic pollution in the world? Here are ways you can help:

Powering Recycling With


Circularr is a decentralised sustainable recycling ecosystem built on the blockchain. Our reverse vending machines and collection points offer rewards to consumers who recycle their waste with us. We then create sustainable, tradable assets on the blockchain based on the value of the rPET plastic that is collected.


The plastic can then be traded as a commodity, as well as tracked and traced as it makes its way through the entire recycling process.


Our offering is the world’s first sustainable crypto asset backed by transparent recycling and manufacturing.

Circularr was born out of the need to provide greater accountability and transparency in the recycling processes. Our system also serves to legitimise sustainability claims and eliminate greenwashing by both individuals and organisations.

Circularr is a decentralised recycling network that aims to streamline interactions between organisations, consumers and recyclers by:
  • Simplifying the recycling process & decreasing pollution levels.
  • Providing accountability and traceability within the plastic recycling, sustainable textile, and garment manufacturing industries.
  • Driving behavioural and environmental change with a transparent and open ecosystem.
Our solution will power traceability and work to commoditise the value of recycled plastic and other sustainable assets. Our ecosystem will be used as a tool for advertising and promotion by organisations and individuals, while also providing environmental, social, governance, and corporate social responsibility benefits.

The $CIRP token is a deflationary utility token backed by rPET plastic as a commodity. 8.3bn tokens are being issued in total, which corresponds to the metric tonnes of plastic waste that existed on earth when we started.


Our overall goal is to have all of the world’s plastic recycled, tracked and traced through our network.

$CIRP is unique in that the tokens are not just a speculative asset but will also have important real world uses:
  1. As a reward to consumers from all participating Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs)
  2. As a sustainable currency to be used in Circularr’s NFT marketplace
  3. As a currency that can be traded at the point of purchase for goods and services without the need to convert it back to the user’s local currency.
  4. The token can also be purchased and staked in participating RVMs to earn an annual percentage yield from a share of the advertising revenue generated by the machines.

The $CIRP tokens are utility tokens underpinned by:

  1. The value of the recycled plastic to our participating recycling partners. The more plastic that is recycled within the ecosystem, the more reserve we have to underpin the asset. $CIRP token holders can at any time purchase rPET plastic from the rPET market place with their $CIRP tokens if they wish to become the owner of the rPET. They can then hold it for future speculation on the price of rPET or sell to other users based on supply and demand of rPET.

They also derive additional value from:

  1. Demand generation by organisations and individuals for tracked and traced plastic.
  2. The growth and demand of the $CIRP token for integration into deposit return schemes, reverse vending machines, and additional recycling partners and organisations.
  3. Trading and speculation between individuals and organisations on centralised and decentralised exchanges.
  4. Supply and demand, due to the token being a deflationary asset. As the ecosystem grows, there will be fewer tokens in existence and thus the ecosystem will start rewarding $CIRP in fractional increments as the value increases and more plastic is recycled within the network.
  5. Buyback of $CIRP by Circularr on the open market based on a percent of profit each quarter, which also helps drive liquidity.
When a plastic bottle is deposited at one of the Reverse Vending Machines, the user receives our $CIRP tokens in their Circularr account, and can exchange them for goods and services. They can also see their actual water, carbon, energy and oil savings from each transaction in their profiles.
  • A). Track and trace plastic throughout the recycling process
  • B). Purchase plastic from the rPET market place
  • C). Purchase rPET futures contracts.
  • C). Future speculation on the price of the token (as it is backed by recycled plastic as a commodity).

$CIRP’s tokenomics model includes reverse vending machines (RVMs), users, recyclers, partners, and brands. The RVMs will also be used as an advertising network for the promotion of brands and to act as a wallet for the native crypto asset.

You can see more about our tokenomics and white paper here.

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