Partnership Opportunity 1

Become a rewards partner

Does your company want to help reduce the levels of plastic pollution in the world? Are you looking for ways to become more carbon-neutral or eco-friendly? Do you want to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty? Join us as a rewards program partner, and offer your products or services as rewards through our app to highly-engaged customers…all while helping save the planet. It’s a great way to make your corporate social responsibility initiatives and budget do double duty by also driving customer acquisition.
Partnership Opportunity 2

Become an advertiser

Circularr’s Reverse Vending Machines are part of a global outdoor and app advertising network that you can use to target potential customers. We offer dynamic and interactive advertising on our vending machines that will also help you deliver on your environmental and corporate social responsibility goals.
Partnership Opportunity 3

Become a host for a Reverse Vending Machine

Provide a location for one of our Reverse Vending Machines and put yourself at the heart of our recycling ecosystem. Associate your brand with the system’s environmental goals, and increase traffic to your business location. You can also share in the advertising revenue from machines hosted at your venue.
Partnership Opportunity 4

Become part of our recycling ecosystem as a recycler or manufacturer

Integrate our state-of-the-art blockchain tracing technology into your recycling or manufacturing process. Add accountability to your operation, and access plastic materials with verified provenance that fight greenwashing.

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