Change the world one plastic bottle at a time!

Congratulations, this is your first step in revolutionising the way recycling works and, in turn, changing the world. To ensure recycling really means recycling we put the power back in your hands, so you have full transparency on where your recycling really goes. It all starts with 4 easy steps…


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Find the closest RVM

Simply add in your postcode and we will automatically find your nearest reverse vending machine.

Recycle your plastic bottles and collect your $CIRP tokens.

You are rewarded for recycling. Not only can you use your $CIRP tokens in our exclusive rewards app, but you can also see the environmental impact your recycling has on keeping plastic out of our oceans and landfills.

Exchange your tokens for our partners' rewards

We partner with companies who share our vision and passion for creating a better world. We work closely with them to offer you exclusive rewards, which you won’t find anywhere else.


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